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How to Get MyPriceLink Pricing

There are two ways to get pricing electronically:

  1. Collision Estimating System integration with MyPriceLink (if applicable)
  2. CollisionLink Insurance

Getting Pricing Through Collision Estimating System Integration with MyPriceLink

If your estimating system chooses to integrate, continue writing estimates as you do today, and you will receive the MyPriceLink pricing without any disruption or change to your workflow. You will get real-time MyPriceLink suggested list price on genuine OEM parts through integration between MyPriceLink and major estimating systems.

What has changed is the way your estimating system is receiving suggested list price. The technology enables OEMs to move away from traditional, static price tapes for collision parts and instead, provide real-time suggested list pricing.

Please contact your CES provider if you have questions on the status of their integration with MyPriceLink or changes to their system you may notice if they are integrated.

Benefits to Insurance Companies

  • Seamless, uninterrupted user experience
  • Provides immediate price visibility on participating OEM parts estimates

Getting Pricing Through CollisionLink Insurance

CollisionLink Insurance is integrated with MyPriceLink. CollisionLink Insurance is a web-based application that enables you to look up MyPriceLink suggested list pricing outside of your estimating system. If you are an administrator for an insurance company or independent adjuster, you can register for CollisionLink Insurance at no cost to you. CollisionLink Insurance is available for you to receive suggested list prices if your estimating system is not integrated with the MyPriceLink engine.

Benefits of CollisionLink Insurance include:

How it Works

MyPriceLink supported by all major estimating systems

If you have questions regarding your specific estimating system, please contact them directly.


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Contact Us

For questions about your Collision Estimating System, Contact your CES provider.

For questions about CollisionLink Insurance, please use the Support Center located at the top right corner within the CollisionLink Insurance application.