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It’s what you’ve been waiting for!

OEC is excited to announce an enhancement that Dealers have been asking for since the launch of MyPriceLink – obtaining list price for MyPriceLink Collision parts directly in your Dealer Management System (DMS)!

The first DMS to fully adopt this enhancement is CDK.

What does this mean for Dealers on CDK Drive?

  1. It brings back your old workflow and eliminates having to toggle between two systems to get prices. If you subscribe to CollisionLink, you are no longer required to start in MPL and export the quote to your DMS. You can obtain MPL list prices directly from CDK Drive in one of the following methods:
    • When creating a quote, you can honor the MPL pricing used on your customers’ estimates with a VIN or quote number they provide you.
    • If your customer does not already have a collision repair estimate (e.g., a walk-in retail customer), the MPL list price will automatically populate in your DMS.
    • [Coming Soon] If you exported a quote from MPL, you will be able to supersede a part number or add a new part line to the quote and obtain the new list price.
  2. The existing MPL tools and workflows will continue to function as they do today.
  3. OEC has also streamlined the reimbursement process in MPL by filtering out open invoice to make it even easier for you to submit to your OEM.

What does this mean for Dealers that are NOT on CDK Drive?

The release date of this enhancement varies with other participating DMSs. Get the latest updates on your DMS here or contact your DMS provider for more information.

To take advantage of these new enhancements, you must be a CollisionLink subscriber. If you are not a CollisionLink subscriber, contact OEC at 888-776-5792, ext. 3 to subscribe now to receive all the benefits and efficiencies of MyPriceLink.

Past Enhancements

Export to DMS Screen Modifications**

Customer and Salesperson ID are no longer required but are still available.

Provides the ability to export part # and sell price by part line or export all.

The previous setting will be retained within the same browser.

Add OE part line(s) to an MPL Quote

Provides the ability to add one or more OE part lines to an existing MPL Quote.

If you are an existing GM dealer, you can learn more about these enhancements by visiting the OEC Support Center, located in the upper right hand corner of your OEC screen.

Benefits to Dealers

  • Provide suggested list prices on genuine OEM parts in real time to your customers
  • Opportunity to sell more parts through real-time pricing
  • DMS invoice integration where applicable
  • Access to OEM parts marketing programs (conquest programs) within the MPL application.
  • Access MPL list pricing directly within your DMS*

How to Access MyPriceLink

OEC users will see a MyPriceLink tab in the OEC portal regardless of which OEC solutions you use.

Non-OEC users can register for MyPriceLink at no charge here.

Dealers can obtain current MPL part pricing in one of three ways:

1 Collision orders that come through CollisionLink* will have MyPriceLink prices, the ability to respond to shops, and the ability to export** information to DMS to create an invoice and submit for reimbursement.
2 Orders outside of CollisionLink:
  • Use the MyPriceLink Quote Search to find the right quote, view the details, export** information for your DMS to create an invoice and submit for reimbursement.
  • For select DMS providers, you can obtain MPL part pricing directly from your DMS*.
    Click here for a current list of participating DMS providers.
3 If a quote request is from a DIY’er or someone asking for a real-time quote:
  • Use the MyPriceLink Price Look up Tool to generate a quote. From there you can also export** information for your DMS to create an invoice and submit for reimbursement.
  • For select DMS providers, you can obtain MPL part pricing directly from your DMS*.
    Click here for a current list of participating DMS providers.

*Available with a CollisionLink subscription.

**DMS invoice integration available through a CollisionLink subscription.

See a current list of DMS providers integrating with OEC here.

DMS Integration Updates

Get the latest updates on your DMS here.

Don’t Have an OEC Account?

If you do not currently use an OEC solution, you will need to complete a simple registration process before you can take advantage of the MyPriceLink tools at no cost to you. OEC will be contacting unregistered dealers to assist with this process.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Contact Us

If you have questions regarding your DMS system, please contact your DMS provider.

To enroll in CollisionLink, please visit our enrollment site.

If you have questions regarding CollisionLink or MyPriceLink tools, use the OEC Support Center. OEC has a comprehensive Support Center built right into every solution. You can access it from any screen, any time when you’re looking for answers to all your training, support, and troubleshooting questions.